Phoenix Mee

Computer Science BSc - Game Developer

A peek at the projects I have developed over my 3 year academic career and beyond
Solo and Team projects ranging from prototypes to the AAA inspired


Although I started learning to code late 2016, creation through programming has been an innate interest ever since I purchased a cheat-disk for the Dreamcast and realised that changing a few hexadecimal values could yield unworldly effects. Ultimately, coding has never failed to challenge my knowledge, imagination, logic, stamina and tolerance - the perfect scenario to grow as a thinker.

It's not just the technical side of developing games that keeps me hooked, but the whole creation process. Aesthetics are vital - nobody would play a video game if not for this carefully planned formula - which has lead me to tinker outside of my comfort zone in the hopes to also master these arts.

Currently based in London, I have collaborative experience using Git and thrive in a team environment. Versed in: C# C++ JS PHP SQL GLSL

                   Unity, Unreal Engine, Oracle, MySQL



As well as programming games, I would also like to learn more about the following:

  • 'Big Data' / Data Warehousing / DBA roles
  • Visualising Data
  • Internet Security
  • Architecture of Operating Systems
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning


Final Transcript pending


Object Orientated Programming
Games Science
Games Technology
Business Analysis & Solution Design


Networking & Operating Systems

Database Application Development

3D Graphics Programming

High Level Game Development


Optimised Programming for Games

Game Creation Process

Advanced Data Modelling

Individual Project (Games)


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