Unreal Engine

Projects spanning from mid 2018 onwards - a mixture of C++ and blueprints


Team: 1 (Solo)

Duration: 9 months

Year: 2018-2019

Platform: PC

Format: C++ / Blueprints

The big one - a final year solo project with no bounds. The idea was: Think of a game you would like to play, learn how to create it, go above and beyond (with the help of a selected professor)

I decided to use the UE for this project as I knew I would be prototyping functionality quickly and blueprints were very handy for that. Out-of-the-box, UE is great visually, but even better when it comes to the ease of creating shaders and messing with post-processing

This project is a top-down and third-person shoot 'em up with some stealth action in the final map. The player wakes from a car crash and overhears on the radio that any survivors (of what seems like a zombie outbreak) must head to Vitacorp HQ immediately. Fight your way past hordes of zombies while trying to help citizens will increase your rank and lead you down the inevitable path. There you start to uncover the reason behind the outbreak and a possible way to stop it..

Thus far, this project is closing in on Beta stage and will be completed by May. Having had so much time to develop this project, I have learned a great deal working with UE - I will write tutorials on some key systems to demonstrate this.

Early Alpha: Youtube Video

Optimisation Documentation


Team: 1 (Solo)

Duration: 1 week

Year: 2019

Platform: PC

Format: Blueprints

Long gone are the days of having to write shaders in GLSL or Cg - you can now use node based programming to create these things and boy are they fun!

Having had created basic effects using this tech, the challenge was to do more, so I decided to create a Black Hole shader that also manipulates the pixels of the objects around it

Unfortunately I stuck to my comfort zone using UE for this - at this time I was also learning to use Unity's new 'Shader graph' node based programming (and I must say I also enjoy it) - though I find the interface to be clunky. I will eventually port this to Unity when Shader Graphs are fully implemented

Youtube Video



Team: 4 (4 Programmers)

Role: AI, 2D Art, Persistent Data

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Year: 2018

Platform: PC

Format: C++ / Blueprints

Our team are all fans of Starwars and its space warfare scenes, so we had to try an emulate that experience! Each level has an objective to complete in order to activate the Hyperdrive and blast into the next level. Pick up points along the way and beat your best time!

I was responsible for enemy AI behaviour, ingame UI, level streaming, hyperdrive, auto-pilot, scene setup

This project was my first for using UE, and also collaborating remotely with Github - there were plenty of lessons to be learned; organising who works in which class to avoid conflicts, logistics of merging/pulling/pushing from branches - and of course, blueprint files are saved in binary format so don't treat on teammates toes!

Youtube Video


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